Beijing - After the processing for the CNC Lathe Aluminum Products, what kinds of factors should be paid more attention in the treatment process of these parts? Today, the engineer from the most famous manufacturer for CNC Products which website is would help people solve this problem.

However, the engineer has already listed all of these precautions of the the treatment process below.

The first step is the hot water rinse. The purpose of the hot water rinse for the CNC Lathe Aluminum CNC Part Product is to aging the film. In this process, the water temperature must be strictly controlled. If the temperature of the water is too high, the film would be very thinning and the color would be faded. On the other hand, the long processing time could also lead to these above problems. So, the proper temperature and time should be 40 to 50 degrees and 0.5 to 1MIN.

The second process is the drying for the CNC Aluminum Part. However, the natural drying would be the best choice. The specify method is that people should hang the CNC Aluminum Part which has been processed by the hot water over on the shelf so that the free water on the work surface could be vertically dropped. The film of CNC Aluminum Part which has been processed by this kind of method could not have the phenomenon of color-fading.

The third process is aging for the CNC Aluminum Part. From the former experience, the aging method can be CNC Products determined by climatic conditions which would be changed by seasons. In summer which is the sunshine season, all of the CNC parts could be exposure under the sunlight. If the factory would face with the weather such as rainy days or winter, people could apply the oven baking. However, the process conditions of this kind of method for rainy days and winter is that the temperature could be controlled between 40 to 50 degree and the time is between 10 to 15 minutes.

However, all of these factors above could not only be applied with the CNC Aluminum Part but also could be used for all of other CNC parts such as CNC Lathe Copper Products and CNC Lathe PEEK Products. All of the factory operators should pay more attention to these points. Although the CNC lathe could let people save a lot of strength, they should also focus on details on the producing process. This could determine the quality of the final product.

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