05, December 2014: You can get to Newcastle by train or by plane very easily indeed from anywhere in the UK and if you book your tickets far enough in advance you should be able to keep your travel costs to a minimum. And the money you save on travel you can reinvest as wisely or unwisely as you like in central Newcastle, a city that absolutely comes alive each and every weekend of the year.

Great venues

One ingredient that has helped ensure Newcastle’s position as the city to beat when it comes to a hen party Newcastle or stag party Newcastle weekends in Britain is its abundance of lively and impressive nightlife venues. What you get along the Quayside and in districts like the Big Market is not just venues that serve alcohol and play music, but places with real character and a sensibility all of their own.

As well as bars and nightclubs, Newcastle is also home to some of the most renowned strip clubs in the country, which always offer their visitors and especially their stags evenings and experiences they’ll never forget.

Amazing outdoor activity options

Another advantage of visiting Newcastle for a hen and stag weekend is that there are all manner of outdoor activity options available only a very short distance outside the city. Bigger cities like London or Manchester can’t generally claim that kind of ease of access to their outdoor pursuits, whether its clay pigeon shooting, quad-biking, go-karting, paint-balling or anything else. Newcastle though makes it all available within a matter of minutes and a really short drive, which means hen and stag mates can move seamlessly from one element of their weekend to the next without missing a beat.

A unique atmosphere

There is something unique about the atmosphere in Newcastle city centre, particularly at the weekend, which makes it absolutely perfect for hen and stag parties. The city centre itself is relatively small in scale and characterful throughout. On any given weekend there will be thousands of revellers wandering the streets looking for laughs and very probably a few hen parties moving from venue to venue as well.

The views, the venues and the value for money are all incredible in Newcastle and the city has absolutely every base covered when it comes to hen and stag parties. If you’ve never been to the North East before then it is about you time you changed that and booked a stay as soon as possible. Call NE1 Experiences to book one of our tailor-made party packages.