USA — Most women think that acting pricey with a man ensures he continues chasing her; however, they fail to understand that men also have feelings and would chase a woman who is responsive. What men secretly want is beneficial for women to understand how men think about relationships and dating. The most important objective of this book is to help women attract the men and encouraging them to make a commitment, which is something that the majority of men around the world like to avoid.

It is common for men to become cold, silent, quiet, and distant when women commence talking about commitments and longtime relationships. Such reactions are very painful to women especially because they fail to understand the reasons for this behavior. Moreover, they are not able to understand on what steps they need to take to change the situation and turn things around, which frustrates them further. Nonetheless, the fact remains that she has said something (though unaware) that has turned her man off and made him distant. Learn more at

According to the relationship expert James Bauer, the communication gap between men and women is the biggest reason that can make all the difference between the success and failure of their relationship. Addressing this gap and overcoming the mismatch among the sexes will go a long way in strengthening and nourishing the relationship for a longer period. The guide provides an insight on how men perceive relationships, which enables women to see the different perspective and respond in an appropriate manner that helps to bridge this gap and bring them closer.

The what men secretly want review shows the book to be an excellent read for all women who want to get their men to commit. The guide provides stepwise details on what girls need to do in different kinds of situations. This helps them to behave in a manner that is more appropriate to the way the male mind works making it easier for them to accept the women or in other words, " be irresistible ". In addition, the book provides a direct insight on how men perceive the actions and words of women, which helps girls exactly understand their perspective. Primarily, the book provides women the opportunity to understand and view the situations from the point of view of men, which will help them to avoid errors that can be very damaging to their relationships.

The thirty-one page PDF book is available with an audio file along with answers to some common questions in certain everyday situations. Most women are not aware that men would prefer feeling unloved instead of not being respected. What men secretly want guide uses the respect principle that proves men are attracted to women who admire and respect them. Respect is a very important point for men and for your love life to blossom, it is vital to ensure he feels respected. The benefit of this guide is that it provides details about simple things that can make a huge difference to your love life and ensure you never lose the man you love.

About what men secretly want

What men secretly want by relationship consultant James Bauer provides an insight in to the mind of a man. The PDF eBook provides tips on how to keep your man interested and adopt things that ensure your relationship flourishes.

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