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Any company that is setting up a website in Australia will want to work with a top notch Australian web host. A web host can literally make or break a site. Hosting a website is about more than having dedicated servers. A website that wants to stand out will need to have many features at its disposal. It has also been proven that Australian websites do best when hosted on dedicated servers Australia with local Datacenters.

Those who are looking for a top notch web host should consider Web24. The company has been growing at a fast rate and has recently earned the "Excellence in Virtualization" award. Web24 not only offers Linux and Windows dedicated servers but also other features that many other website hosts do not provide. Web24 is one of the few companies that offers Windows Virtual Servers (VPS) with burstable RAM facilities, Linux dedicated servers and dedicated servers Australia that are provisioned by local data centers. Following are some things that a newbie website builder will want to consider:

Domain Registration:

Domain registration costs often start at $15 per year. However, any company that hosts a website with Web24 will receive free domain registration. Web24 pays for the domain registration as long as the site is hosted by Web24.

Windows Hosting:

Web24 provides the cheapest Windows hosting services in Australia. A company is welcome to a free trial run of the hosting service, with no obligation to continue on with Web24. The Windows hosting that is provided has a high level of support and reliability. Web24 offers a fifteen day money back guarantee to anyone who does not like what the company has to offer.

Linux Hosting:

There are not many web host companies in Australia that provide Linux Hosting. Web24, however, provides high quality Linux hosting services with many amenities. A Linux site on Web24 also comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Windows Virtual Servers:

It is not uncommon for a site that uses a Windows VPS (virtual private sever) to suffer from a hard limit of RAM allocation. What this means in simple terms is that a site will run up against a brick wall if all of its RAM allocation has been used. Web24 stands out from other Australian web hosts in that is provides a burstable RAM facility. This facility is, in fact, unavailable from any other web host in the country. With a burstable RAM, one's site can surpass its standard RAM allocation from time to time without crashing the VPS service.

Linux Virtual Servers:

Many people opt to run a site on Linux, due to the unique advantages that a Linux site can provide. A site run on Linux can easily develop both PHP and MySQL applications. Linux is also considered to be safer and more stable than Windows. A Linux run virtual private server is an ideal option and Web24 provides dedicated Linux private servers that are top of the line. As and when possible, Web24 will in fact allow a website builder to have access to all of the company's server resources.

PayPal Hosting:

PayPal is becoming an increasingly popular means for paying for purchases. It is easy to use and often simpler than paying with a credit card. A smart website builder will cash in on this trend and ensure that PayPal hosting is provided along with credit payment options. Any internet retail site can benefit from the many payment methods that Web24 can provide. In addition to PayPal hosting, Web24 accepts Visa, Mastercard and other major credit cards.

Web24 is an Australia web host company based out of Melbourne, Australia. The company has a long standing track record for providing a high level of service at low costs. Web24 has over a decade of experience working with web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual servers and VPS appliances. Web24 is one of the fastest growing web host services in the country. To find out more about what this company has to offer, visit http://www.web24.com.au

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