In what concerns treating varicose veins, things have improved exponentially in the last decades. Lots of new techniques and treatments have been discovered and created, so people dealing with the „spider veins” condition have many methods of treating it. Of course, each method has its own benefits, but the reason why people look for laser cirurgia de varizes em São Paulo more than other treatments is its great efficiency and the speedy recovery.


As soon as you spot the first ugly veins under the surface of your skin, you should consult a doctor. It’s not just because of the aesthetic considerations, but also because untreated varicose veins can rapidly develop into a painful condition. If the affection is in its early stages, you don’t even need cirurgia de varizes em São Paulo, because you can prevent the veins from getting worse by using natural treatments. Some of these include acupuncture and acupressure, hydrotherapy or aromatherapy, massage or the tradition medical prescriptions. Some substances, such as ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory ones can help in treating varicose veins, if you go to the doctor when the affection is just starting to show.


There are some symptoms to varicose veins, other than the visual spider aspect of the veins, that you can serve as indications for the presence of this condition. Since legs are usually the most affected, as they carry the entire weight of the body, you will feel them heavy, easily tired, aching on many occasions. If the condition hasn’t yet made itself visible or is just showing, your doctor may prescribe you some compression stockings, which will release some of the tension that is building up in your legs and help the blood circulate normally through your legs. But when the veins are swollen and large, being insufficient to simply hide them, looking  for cirurgia de varizes em São Paulo is probably the best thing you can do. Using laser para varizes is a relatively new technique which will efficiently remove spider veins and relieve you from pain and discomfort.


The surgical treatment that uses laser para varizes is one of the most modern ones, generally used for the treatment of those veins which are deep under the surface of the skin. Within the laser para varizes technique, an ultrasound device is inserted into the affected veins, using small incisions, after which light is passed through this device and directed towards the hemoglobin and the water in the blood. Basically, with laser para varizes, the blood is heated up, which destroys the affected veins and obstructions them.


Phlebologists, meaning the doctors who are specialized in dealing with varicosity and similar venous diseases, will tell you that the laser treatment is one of the best options for eliminating spider veins. Plus, you’ve got quite a few advantages: you can leave for home and get back to your activities as soon as the operation is over, there is minimal or no post-operatory pain and the sessions (you may have more than one) last very little, approximately 30 minutes. Get a consultation and see what treatments are right for you.



Eliminate ugly veins with laser para varizes. Here’s where you can find out more about how to treat varicosity: cirurgia de varizes em São Paulo.