Wonderful, perfectly manicured fingers are almost impossible to get without the help of an experienced manicurist however with the innovation on nail polish strips this job is now easy to be attained without having to sacrifice buying that lovely shoes you have had your eyes on. When done right, nail polish strips looks flawless and spectacular. As they are made out of vinyl, which is an opaque material, they have the ability to cover even the ugliest of nails, turning them from boring to fabulous. With countless patterns, colours and designs to pick from, long gone is the time when females just use nail polish strips since their nails are far from excellent. These days, several manufacturers are many realistic looking nail polish strips that when applied correctly, they look as good as real nail polish. And with many strips costing around 10 dollars, nail polish strips are definitely here to stay.

Many nail polish brands are now adding nail polish strips to their ever spending product portfolio. Actually Sally Hansen, a famous nail polish brand is following this trend. Another well-known nail polish brand to follow the fad is O.P.I. With the introduction of Sephora, their line of nail polish strips, the nail polish brand is currently expending their product portfolio and focusing on a much younger market as nail polish strips are much more preferred by the more youthful people due to their low maintenance and costs.

Even though nail polish strips doesn't have the power to overshadow genuine nail polish, they could be seen as a danger to the market because they are normally less expensive and last longer. While real nail polish, despite an extra layer of coating, tend to chip after about a week from their application, nail polish strips won't chip easily. As pointed out above, they are made out of vinyl, a hard, opaque material that doesn't chip easily. They are simply just pasted on the nails, with a particular adhesive that needs a special adhesive remover to be removed. They don't peel away easily and only tend to peel off after about a month from their original application. They could remain on the nails longer if given proper love and care. Nail polish strips from Nailwow are well-known for this reason, apart from the fact they are inexpensive and have a broad and wonderful variety of designs, of course. Beginning from as little as 8 dollars for 20 pieces, both for feet and hands, they are surely worth it.

If you were using nail polish strips for the last three years, chances are you have heard of Incoco nail polish strips. They are certainly wonderful and are a personal favourite of mine. Priced at about 10 dollars for 10 pieces, they are a bit expensive as for the same price, one could get a bottle of O.P.I nail polish that can last multiple manicures. However, their simple to follow instruction that assures a saloon finish every time and their fast drying adhesive makes up that. As long as you follow the instruction on the package carefully, you are bound to have, in only 20 minutes, fabulous looking manicures which could take several hours in the saloon.

Nail polish strips for toes look no different from nail polish strips for fingers. All nail polish strips come in similar sizes that make them suitable to be applied on both the hands and feet. They are available in the same rectangular, occasionally oval shape that before put on fingernails or toe nails, need to be buffered in order to make them fit the shape of your nail bed.

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