Every single individual will need numerous dental services throughout their life in order to have a beautiful smile and a mouth that is as healthy as possible. For some individuals, there may be a need for dental extractions. While this procedure is stigmatized, it is very important for those that have serious health issues within their teeth and gums. In addition to this, advances to dentistry mean that this treatment can now be carried out swiftly and without any pain, allowing patients to get back on with their life as quickly as possible. Any person that has any pain with their teeth or believes that they may need a tooth extraction should speak with a dentist right away as well as understand some of the fundamentals of this common treatment.

There are various treatments that can be used for those that have severe damage to their teeth and gums. This includes options such as tooth canals, dental fillings, dental bonding, and even periodontal treatment. When the damage is beyond repair however, one of the only alternatives that a dentist may have is to extract the tooth. One of the most typical reasons for this is decay around the pulp or the roots of a tooth. If decay is left to carry on too long, it could attack the other teeth as well as become exceedingly painful. Any trauma to the face that completely cracked the tooth may also need an extraction as well.

If a tooth extraction is needed, they can often be carried out in just a single, short visit to the dentist. The dentist will initially take x-rays, check the mouth, and then numb the entire mouth. They will next painlessly remove the damaged tooth. For those that have anxiety over dental treatments, many dentists now provide a full line of sedation dentistry methods as well.

There are three main forms of sedation including oral, inhalants, and IVs. Oral sedatives can be used to put a patient at ease while inhalants are slightly more powerful and will make the procedure seemingly take place within just moments. IVs can be used to not only numb pain but completely put a patient under during the surgery.

When the tooth has been removed and the mouth has healed, patients will need dental appliances in order to restore the appearance of their smile and the function of their teeth. Some of the most popular options include removable dentures and bridges. For a more permanent solution, those with healthy gums will have the alternative to utilize dental implants that will permanently transform the smile.

Any person that is experiencing pain in their mouth or believes that their tooth has been damaged should contact a local dentist right away to see if a dental extraction may be right for them.

Dr. Eftekhari performs tooth extraction when the damaged tooth cannot be saved anymore. Dental extraction is necessary to preserve the health of the other teeth as well.