China - When many foreign college graduates leave the campus to the community in Shanghai, they could not only face with the task to looking for their own work but also faces another challenge, that is, how to rent suitable house in Shanghai which is the economic centre in China. It has been understood that there are only a handful of companies and enterprises will provide accommodation for new staff especially for foreign students. With the situation of large number of graduates urgently looking for housing, the rental market in Shanghai has become particularly tightly and then the price also continues to soar. Furthermore, most of foreign graduates do not have enough experience to communicate with local people so they will inevitably be damaged the interests. In the view of this kind of phenomenon, the editor from website which is the most professional Shanghai house rental agency will give people some useful suggestions for house renting in Shanghai.

The basically step should be the carefully searching for the suitable house in Shanghai. For the foreign graduates in Shanghai, they can find their senior sister apprentice or colleague for enough consultation because many of them already experienced the process of house renting and they have enough information about the rental house nearby. It suggests that students could expand the scope of house renting and they can save a lot of renting fee. If all of above methods are very complicated for students, the house rental agency such as Shanghai Serviced apartment should be the best choice. The formal agency obtains high volume of information and high success rate so that the interest of the renter could be effectively protected.

The second step is viewing the rental house on site. This step is very crucial because it will determine whether foreign students are willing to stay as long. The seeing for house includes the size, lighting, quiet situation, transporting facilities and so on. Furthermore, people should try to rent the house which location is face to the south direction. The most important thing is to look at whether the room's facilities can be normally used or not. These combined factors can only make people be satisfied with the house.

For the foreign students, because of the unfamiliar with the local speaking language, most of them do not care more about the relevant documents for the renting house they will live. However, they must be sure to verify the relevant documents before renting. For householder who cannot provide the matching ownership certificates and identity cards, the students should be justly require owners to provide the original ownership certificates and identity cards. In addition to this, for the problem of repeatedly renting, people should pay more attention to this. Only in that way could they effectively avoid legal disputes.

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