China - The pressure gauge is the most crucial equipment in today¡¯s industrial area such as urban water supply, the petroleum transportation and other important industry. However, there are some factors from inner and outside of the pressure gauge which could lead to the inaccuracy of this device. Today, the professional manufacturer for pressure gauges such as oil pressure gauge which website is would let people learn about these inevitable factors.

The first factor is about the effect of low environmental temperature, frozen and machine vibration. If the pressure gauge has been mounted on the outside of the boiler, it would be largely influenced by external conditions. If the outside temperature is too low, frozen or various internal vibration from the boiler to pressure gauge, these factors would greatly affect the sensitivity and accuracy of the pressure gauge. However, the prevention approach for this kind of situation has been listed. First, this device must be retrofitted with insulation devices. Second, people should install the buffer devices for the pressure gauge.

The second factor should be the effect of temperature. The principle of the role of the pressure gaugechina gauge is original from the bending deformation of inner spring of the pressure gauge. If the temperature of the medium which would enter into the bending spring is too bending, the effect of temperature would allow the bending spring has related deformation. And, if the high temperature medium has influence the bending spring of the pressure gauge for a long period of time, it would let the bending spring has permanent deformation. All these factors will adversely affect the measurement accuracy. The prevention solution or this kind of situation is that people should install different forms of water in pipe for condensate accumulation between gauge and drum and this could prevent the high temperature steam directly entering into the spring inside.

The third factor should be the long term overloading operation. The elastic components of pressure gauge such as bending spring, springs and others would lose their elasticity after the long term overloading. If the gauge pointer is always kept close to or greater than the second third position of the dial, it should be not good for the long term operation of the pressure gauge such as oil pressure gauge. The approach which could help people avoid this kind of situation is that people should choose the pressure gauge which has the enough measuring range. Second, people should strictly prevent the overpressure operation of boiler.

People should not have the mind that these principles are only suitable for the pressure type of pressure gauges gauge of boiler. However, these factors could be commonly applied to other pressure gauge such as bimetal thermometer and air pressure gauge.

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