21, August 2015: Most citizens have their own principles while choosing products. But in the era of intelligent technologies, intelligent products can’t provide people with both good look and powerful performances, like desktop computer and tablet PC on playing games. But Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters tell people that there are intelligent products which are beautiful and powerful at the same time.


Airwheel A3 intelligent scooters are the first model in the A series sitting-posture scooters. Since the first electric self-balancing scooter is born, the electric scooter industry has come to the bottleneck stage where all new products have too much marks left by previous successful models. Yet Airwheel never stops changing the industry by innovation in designing new products. And this time, Airwheel added the innovative design of ergonomic seats on the A3 electric scooters, which make Airwheel the pioneer in the era of sitting-posture riding. For matching the sitting postures of riders, Airwheel adopted the professional hydraulic suspension system in Airwheel A3. And for more convenience to riders, Airwheel developed the electronic brake system for A3. Other vehicle parts are all the same top-quality ones as previous Airwheel models.


The powerful performances of Airwheel A3 inherit from the previous Airwheel models. But the designs of the appearance of A3 are as innovative as the design of ergonomic seats. The seat on the A3 is the genuine leather which makes Airwheel A3 distinguishable. The whole colour styles of Airwheel A3 is bright, elegant and sporty because of the matte silver, porcelain white, and graceful orange in it. The vehicle body is compactly installed as a whole. So A3 intelligent scooters are the tiny and beautiful friends besides riders; and when needed, Airwheel A3 will become the most powerful vehicles carrying people everywhere.

So it’s not a problem for deciding which one is more important. Because Airwheel offers people Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters which are beautiful and powerful at the same time. Choose Airwheel A3 intelligent scooter, the whole city life will become more interesting and fashionable.

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