China - As the introduction from the technician from famous Fan Coil Units supplier, Fan coil units have basically three major components to check at regular service intervals: the motor, the filter, and the coil itself. Of course, doing a great maintenance on a fan coil unit means going a little deeper, but the extra effort is always worth it.

First of all, be aware that every Cassette Fan Coil Units has its own unique operating environment, which may dictate a unique maintenance schedule. A formal schedule of regular maintenance and an individual unit log should be established and maintained to extract the maximum performance and service life from each unit.

And, as always, before doing any inspection or maintenance on an electronic unit, turn the equipment off and lock out the power source before beginning your work.

Direct Drive Motor Maintenance

The type of fan operation is determined by the control components and their method of wiring, and may vary from unit to unit. Refer to the wiring diagram that’s attached to each unit for that unit’s operating characteristics.

Motors equipped with oiler tubes may be lubricated with 20-weight non-detergent oil. The frequency of the lubrication is dependent upon the operating conditions of the motor. Units subject to frequent fan cycling, or those that operate in a dirty environment, require more attention than those subject to less severe operation. Motors should be lubricated at least once per year. Some motor designs don’t require field lubrication. Keep in mind that over-oiling has been shown to reduce motor life.

Should the motor or blower assembly require more extensive service than simply lubrication, the assembly may be removed from the unit to facilitate such operations as motor or blower wheel/housing replacement.
Don’t allow dirt and dust to accumulate on the blower wheel or housing. This can result in an unbalanced blower wheel condition that can damage a blower wheel or motor. The wheel and housing may be cleaned periodically using a vacuum cleaner and brush, taking care not to dislodge the factory balancing weights on the blower wheel blades.
When replacing motors, be sure to verify that the motor voltage, phase, and horsepower are correct for the unit being installed.

Belt-drive Motor and Blower Maintenance

Recommended periodic maintenance of the belt drive unit/blower assembly is lubrication of the motor (if required) and inspection of the drive belt for wear and tension. The blower hub set screws, sheave and bearing locking collar set screws must be checked periodically, and tightened and torqued as required.

Coil Maintenance

Coils on most Fan Coil Units can be cleaned by removing the motor/blower assemblies and brushing the entire air face between fins with a stiff brush. Brushing should be followed by a thorough vacuuming. If a compressed air source is available, the coil may also be cleaned by blowing air through the coil fins from the exiting air face. Keep in mind that units with the proper type of air filters, replaced regularly, will require less frequent coil cleaning. Which brings us to filter maintenance?

Filter Maintenance

On units with throwaway filters, the time interval between each replacement should be established based on regular inspection of the filter, and should be recorded in the log for each unit. Filters should be the same type and size as those furnished from or recommended by the factory. Pleated media or extended surface filters should generally not be used, because the high air pressure drops encountered with these types of filters is often not compatible with fan coil units.

On units with permanent filters, a maintenance schedule should be developed in the same manner as for throwaway filters. Factory installed permanent filters may be cleaned in hot soapy water, set on edge to dry, and then reinstalled in the unit.
Grasping all information above could help each Fan Coil Units user better protect and maintain their fan coil units in daily operation.


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