Individuals that adhere to a strict regime of oral hygiene habits will have the best possibility at keeping their teeth as bright and healthy as possible throughout the years. Teeth are extremely durable and have the ability to last a lifetime with the proper care. Unfortunately, even those patients that protect and care for their teeth with flawless dental hygiene habits and regular trips to the dentist may experience cracks, chips, diseased pulp, and dental decay at an alarming rate. For these patients, there are now quite a few choices when it comes to restoring the appearance of the teeth as well as their overall integrity. This includes dental fillings, one of the most effective and popular dental treatments that are used today.

When an individual ingests any foods or beverages, it will begin to leave debris on the teeth and gums. This debris will eventually turn into plaque and tartar, slick and durable substances that cling to the teeth and will interact with all future foods and beverages that are consumed. They will then generate acids and bacteria that will eat away at the surface of the teeth and cause dental decay.

Excessive dental treatments or trauma to the face can also take a toll on one's teeth. While teeth are very durable, pulp is the living material inside the teeth and it is very susceptible to the bacteria that are in one's mouth. Anytime that the pulp is unguarded to the bacteria, whether it is from damaged roots or dental treatments that have gone awry, it can become infected. The patient will then need a root canal treatment in order to remove the pulp and preserve their tooth.

For each of these instances, dental fillings may be the best option to maintain the integrity of the tooth as well as enhance the appearance. For many years, there has been only one option for dental fillings: metal amalgams. These amalgams were used due to a number of advantages that they offered patients. This embodied their ability to dry quickly, resist infections, and how cheap they were for those that needed low cost dental treatments.

Tooth-colored fillings have become another popular alternative in recent years, and these fillings are made of a durable composite that can be stained to match the exact color of the surrounding natural teeth. Once in place, these fillings are often indistinguishable from the tooth itself, allowing patients to once again smile with confidence.

In order to discover which of these options may be correct, every patient should speak with their local dentist. This includes those that think they may be currently struggling with tooth decay as well as individuals that have not received a thorough checkup within the last six months.

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