Should you be among those with a sensitive body, whose allergies could be triggered anytime by any allergen,then a Whirlpool air purifier is certainly your best friend. Whirlpool Corporation, an American home appliances organization whose headquarter is in Michigan, United States is one of the top manufacturer of air purifier around. They have among the widest and biggest line of air purifier ever offered by any firm to suit anybody with all their distinct as well as unfeasible needs. Whirlpool also developed an air purifier particularly to capture smoke particles for those who stay with a smoker but dislike being a secondary smoker themselves.

Whirlpool Corporation is considered as one of the best makers of air purifier worldwide, beating their closest competitor, Electrolux by miles. Whirlpool air purifier reviews everywhere agree that what makes them the best is because all their air purifier comes with the specially designed Whirlpool air purifier filters. These filters are designed to trap any air contaminant from dust, pollen to smoke particles and also volatile organic compound that could be a serious threat to overall health. Each and every Whirlpool air purifier is equipped with at least two layers of those amazing filtration systems depending upon the size and the price. Regardless of that, every air purifier produced by Whirlpool comes with a guarantee of being able to provide a much dust-free and also much better air. A couple of their units come equipped with an air freshener also. Purifying the air and freshening it up simultaneously. Consider killing two birds with a single stone.

With a variety of air purifier to select from, one will be spoilt for selection. Among their available air purifiers, I find the Whirpool Air Purifier Whispure range to be the most exceptional of all. In this particular line alone, there are many accessible. Whirpool Whispure 450 air purifier and Whirpool Whispure 510 air purifier are my two favourite from this line. I like the Whispure 450 air purifier as it is highly effective in spite of its small size. The small beast can clean up a room up to 490 square foot. The purification process is very silent as the appliance utilizes a specifically created Whirlpool fan that produces minimum amount of sound. You will not even realize the machine is currently being used. You will just notice that the little work horse is currently working only when you breathe as the purified air produced is indeed pure and also refreshing. This unit is highly cost effective too as the pre-filter needs to be changed just once every 2 or 3 months and the price of each pre-filter is only 28 dollars per piece. The overall running as well as servicing cost of this little bugger is merely around 200 dollars every year but the quality of the fresh purified air produced by it is worthwhile.

On the contrary, the Whispure 510 is a little bit bigger compared to its little brother the Whispure 450. The Whispure 510 a.k.a Whirpool air purifier AP51030K is perfect for rooms that are more or less about 500 square foot. This air purifier is really great at purifying air contaminated with dirt and dust, pollen and smoke particles thus making it the best air purifier to possess should you life in an urban atmosphere. Priced at about 400 dollars, this air purifier is a very good value for money as it does not require frequent filter changes and is energy efficient as well. The total operating and servicing cost of operating this air purifier is not any more than its younger brother although it works much more efficiently than the Whispure 450.

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