If you know enough about the different types of whiskey available on the market, you must already know that whiskey and bourbon are not the same thing. Nevertheless, here is what you should know in order to call yourself a connoisseur.


The confusion we have previously suggested does not only refer to these two alcoholic beverages, but it also makes room for the worldwide famous Jack Daniels. If you have the chance to taste all of them, it will seem obvious to you that they actually have quite different tastes!  Nevertheless, looking into some technical details will reveal even more differences.


It would help you knowing that while bourbon is one of the many types of whiskey, it must be exclusively made in the United States, as it is officially considered a distinctive product since 1964! Whiskey on the other hand, can be produced in no matter what part of the world - perhaps you have heard how Ireland and Scotland are two of the most famous producers. Moreover, it can incorporate any combination and type of grains, with a maximum proof of 190. After stored in special Oak containers to maturate, it can be bottled, with a minimum of 80 proof or 40% of alcohol, according to the official regulations.


Back to bourbon, this one follows rules that are more specific - producers have to include a minimum of 51% corn in its recipe. When produced, it should present a maximum strength of 80% alcohol, yet it cannot be stored in formulas that exceed 62.5% alcohol. Speaking of storage, the only accepted mean would be a brand new charred oak container!


Because we have previously mentioned the beloved Jack Daniels and we have talked about types of whiskey and regulations, it helps stating that this one is a brand of Tennessee. Otherwise said, Jack Daniels is a brand of whiskey only manufactured in the state of Tennessee and mandatory filtered with sugar maple charcoal.


All these considered, it seems natural that while any bourbon is also a whiskey, not any whiskey is a bourbon               ! When preparing America’s native spirit, the bourbon, you can only use water. All the other manufacturers that work with assortments afford to play by their own desire with flavors and colors.


Given the fact that all these versions focus on a process of fermentation and distillation, it takes plenty of talent to analyze their finest flavors and make different value evaluations. Reputable drinkers of these brands always prefer to enjoy them in the classical, dry version, at the room temperature, adding only a drop of water — approximately the fifth part from the one of alcohol. In this way, the tough strength fades away a little bit, allowing them to feel it and appreciate it.


Of course, no one forces you to taste the spirits the old-fashioned way. In consequence, plenty recipes add a touch of fruit juice, some mint, ice cubes and other ingredients that give you a completely different perspective and experience!



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