Electronic cigarette review site, eCig Vision has recently published their new White Cloud reviews . Launched in 2008, White Cloud has been around since the early days of mass electronic cigarette distribution. The company sells a variety of electronic cigarettes, accessories as well as cartomizers. The White Cloud cigarette reviews mentions that White Cloud places quality control high on their priority list often sending staff members to China to research the development process. Although White Cloud offers several starter kits, a common favorite is the Cirrus Variety Starter, which includes three batteries, five cartomizers, a wall charger and USB charger. Unfortunately, a personal charge case is nowhere to be found in this starter.

It is supposed that White Cloud cigarettes are appealing to users preferences on personalization by giving them their choice of battery. Users can choose between either a white or brushed steel battery. Battery LED tips are also an area of customization with crystal, black and grey tips as options. The review notes that the White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Starter is nicely packaged with each accessory in its own convenient compartment.

The White Cloud electronic cigarette is a 2-piece system that’s becoming increasingly more common as e-cigs have become more popular. Such systems are convenient since they simply require users to inhale in order for the electronic cigarette to produce a vapor.  Vapor production from the White Cloud e-cigarette was noted as pretty solid and white in appearance. This may come across to some as gimmicky but that certainly depends on users preference. 16 flavors are available from White Cloud giving users the chance to change up their routine as they see fit. Overall, the White Cloud cigarettes review notes that the White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette Starter is a bit pricier than comparable kits but makes up for it with its stringent quality control.

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