To serve your clients better, the first thing that you require is a fantastic collaboration of professionals. It can be so, given that globalization has made geographic barriers loose and data transfer rampant, that the team you choose to handle client projects belongs to some other geographic destination. In the 21st century, when the entire world has turned into a virtual hub, will such a barrier deter you to work together? No. But for that do you need to bring such experts to your location? Again a big NO. You can find a solution in white label customer portal that helps you form your team nullifying geographic borders. This WordPress client portal is a convenient podium allowing both the customer and the team to come together and exchange ideas.


The first benefit of white label customer portal is that you can form a team comprising of people from any part of the world and create a real-time workplace virtually. Since the white label solution helps you design the portal just the way you want it to be, your interface is exactly the mirror image of your vision. There is absolutely no need to meet in person or spend on physical establishment or travelling because you have the facility called WordPress client portal. Second, you can keep your client fully updated on project status by allowing him or her selective access to the portal.


When you form a team to work on the project, each member puts in the information required like sales figures and market potential from marketing, product application from the research team and cost sheets from the finance guys. You can assimilate all such information and store in the white label customer portal. It is this easy because all the information gets stored in a data system that is centralised and thus provides you any time-anywhere access. Such solutions are easy methods of networking that keeps project on its track from the time of inception till completion. There is no high technology involved as it is a simple WordPress client portal and can be integrated with your current system through a plug-in.


Often, in businesses, collaborating with other companies take place. This reduces the onus of sole investment and expenditure. This is also called as ‘co-opetition’, a fusion of the words ‘cooperation’ and ‘competition’. A white label customer portal is the perfect place to exchange information in case of such mergers. You can share data, project reports and other information without having to meet in person the other associates. Since no complicated HTML coding is involved, the WordPress client portal is easy to handle and can accommodate any customisation.


Another major advantage of using a white label customer portal is you can make the most of a cross initiative collaboration and coordination. The sole objective to use a WordPress client portal is to increase productivity and cut short time. Working hours can vary according to time zones, but you can access data anytime. You can assign tasks to the departments and collaborate at day end without hampering work schedule. Doing business the smart way can earn you much recognition. Embrace what modern technology has to offer and enjoy the benefits.

To do smart business at nominal investment, you should adopt the technology of white label customer portal . Such a WordPress client portal makes communication and collaboration among client and employees free flowing.