Long gone are the days in which any one ever needs to battle with a smile that they are not totally proud of at all times. With some of the breakthroughs that have taken place within the fields of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, nearly all patients now have access to effective treatments that will completely transform the appearance of their smile. Individuals that are presently dealing with extrinsic staining on the outside of their teeth may benefit from the Zoom whitening system, one of the main options for all those that would like to quickly and painlessly restore the exterior of their teeth.

Teeth staining can take place on patients of all ages, no matter how diligent they are with the appearance of their smile. Many of the foods that are eaten throughout the day, from a cup of tea in the morning to a glass of wine at night, will begin to discolor the outer enamel of the teeth. Additional habits, such as the use of tobacco products or even different medications can affect the coloring of one's teeth. There are two main forms of staining that all patients should remain aware of though.

Extrinsic staining takes place on the outer enamel layer of the teeth and is most regularly the result of improper oral hygiene habits or staining from foods and beverages. All those with this form of staining will often make good candidates for the Zoom whitening system. Intrinsic staining, on the other hand, affects deep below the outer layers of the teeth and is often created by genetics, medications that are consumed throughout one's lifetime, or damaged pulp. This type of discoloration will typically need more advance treatment options such as dental crowns and veneers.

For individuals that do have extrinsic staining, the Zoom whitening procedure can be carried out in a single appointment that will often last for less than an hour. The dentist will administer a powerful peroxide-based solution directly to the outside of the upper and lower teeth. A specialized lamp will then be used to activate the solution, releasing oxygen molecules into the enamel, lifting even the most toughest of stains.

Three treatments will need to be carried out that last no more than 15 minutes each. At the conclusion of the whitening process, most patients will display a smile that is anywhere from 6 to 8 shades whiter. They can then maintain this bright and vibrant new tone with brushing, flossing, and the other aftercare instructions that have been provided to them.

For those that would like to reinvent their appearance and boost their confidence, the Zoom whitening system may be exactly what they need for a transformed smile that will last for months on end.

Kevin Sands DDS, Los Angeles cosmetic dentist offers the latest in dental treatments. This Los Angeles teeth whitening, Zoom whitening and cosmetic expert uses Zoom teeth whitening to improve the color of the teeth by eight shades.