Why wear golf sunglasses ? Certainly, the obvious answer will be to protect our eyes, however there are more advantages to wearing them as well. Research suggests that around 84 percent of the information a person gets comes from the eyes; thus, protection against the Uv rays. Playing sports such as golf strongly requires you to have a very precise visual perception, and wearing sunglasses on the fairway can save you from going through visual obstacles. Without wearing these sunglasses, your focus on positioning, reading greens, as well as evaluating distance can be affected by visual exhaustion. Throughout the years, a lot of expert golf players have realized the importance of eye protection, and have begun to wear them on the fairways. Although not noticed, these unwittingly help the players improve their game tremendously.

Sunglasses specially designed for playing golf have shown to take your game play to a higher level. Golfers who wear them report getting clearer focus, relaxed and unstained eyes during games, and better positioning skills, green reading as well as distance evaluation.

A great pair of these golfer sunglasses offers you an improved vision by allowing you to have clear peripherals and vision without needing to unnecessarily stress your eyes. It is simple to detect small details on the grass and proficiently play long and short games. Contrast on the course is improved without having the colors changed. You will gain better response time and judgment by enhancing your ability to spot lies and breaks in the greens.

What is a Good Pair of Golf Shades?

There are plenty of varieties of golf shades sold on the market, only some are really effective and of good quality. Before you buy a pair, ensure that you check a few details first.

1. 8-base Lens

You must be sure that it has a highly curved frame that wraps tightly close to your eye area.

2. Lens Tint

A lens tint ideal for golf always provides high contrast and visual acuteness. Specialists state that amber, green, and brown tints are among the best tints to use on the fairway.

3. Suit on Your Nose

It must feel comfortable and not too tight; however, you must be sure that it is still tight enough to stay on the bridge of your nose while you play.

4. Anti-fog and ventilation system

Golf is played on hot, blazing courses, therefore your shades must still allow air-flow to avoid fogging.

5. Impact Resistance

Your sunglasses should always be long lasting. It shouldn't easily break in spite of any falls they might take or normal pressure. If a golf ball from high above might hit it, it must still be able to defend you without breaking apart.

Where you can buy Golf Sunglasses

You can get high quality golf shades at sundog sunglasses , Golf Galaxy, and tifosi sunglasses . If you want to research on the styles that they heave, you can drop by Sundogeyewear.com, Golf-galaxy.com, and Tifosioptics.com to look at their collections. They also sell prescription golf sunglasses for golfers who have various eye problems. Whilst buying your shades, you can also take a look at the other golf equipment they have; like shoes, clothes, clubs, balls, etc.

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