No other facet of human activity has been so totally been touched, affected, and transformed beyond recognition by internet and computer than business and commerce. Technology,particularly,information technology has had such an influence on the way people think and do even the most fundamental household chores that it is difficult to visualize a life without computers and the internet even for those who belong to a generation that grew up when information technology was not even a speck in the scientific or industrial horizon..

The advent of the internet had swept commerce off its feet, so to speak. It has brought in an irreversible car recorder revolution that has changed not only the way people purchased goods but also transformed the way they thought and engaged in every other activity. Businessmen and entrepreneurs also developed innovative methods and technology to be in the forefront by offering a new world of experience to the modern shopper. The result of all this is the evolution of online shopping and e- commerce. Online shopping offers the consumer a virtual world of unprecedented convenience and selection. It brings a whole department store or a huge mall to his finger tip. The shopper is able to search through innumerable items of goods over a wide range of selection and can locate exactly what is required, from a stick of lipstick to an android Mobile Phone. All this is done from the security and comfort of one¡¯s home or office, and with nothing more than the click of a mouse, one can buy tablet pc or a sports car. Therefore it is no wonder that more and more people are opting to shop through the internet and entrepreneurs, big and small, are ever on the lookout for new and novel methods to make their portal the most visited.

It was only natural that wholesale sector joined the inexorable stream of online business. Customers now buy wholesale for a variety of reasons the chief one being taking advantage of competitive prices on bulk purchases. There are so many portals offering this service. According to one source in the industry, there almost as many wholesale portals as there are regular shopping sites. Most of these companies are established in China, Taiwan, and SE Asia.Hualong Industrial Group Ltd. is a wholesale supplier dealing online in a mind boggling range of more than 50,000 items of goods of leading brands. The company¡¯s online portal is a veritable shopping mall with easy access to every item on display. The site has a powerful search engine with auto search feature. It is aesthetically designed and easy to navigate.

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Hualong Industrial Group Ltd. is a China based e-commerce company dealing in best car recorder an impressive range of varied products online. The company¡¯s portal offers the discerning customer exactly what is required without the hassle of surfing the whole net for a small item of purchase. The site is user friendly and attractively designed.

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