Nerang, Australia; 09, June 2016: The design of swimwear has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. There was a time where swimmers had to contend with baggy boardies and loose fitting one pieces. Nowadays, such problems no longer exist.

Nova Swimwear

One Australian company has revolutionised the way that pro swimmers perform in the water. Nova Swimwear is a Queensland-based firm with over 30 years of experience. They design and manufacture swimwear to help people achieve their best when swimming.

Affordable swimwear with no compromise on quality

Nova Swimwear sells swimwear items at competitive prices. Interestingly, they can do so without compromising on the quality of their swimming gear. Each product is made in Australia. And the production savings can get passed onto customers.

Another advantage of Nova Swimwear's apparel is that they have FINA approval. FINA is the international swimming federation. When professional swimmers want to be the best, they must demand the best garments. Nova Swimwear makes that happen.

High-profile ambassadors

Nova Swimwear has several brand ambassadors that use their apparel on a regular basis. From professional swimmers and coaches to fitness instructors. They have a diverse range of brand ambassadors that are well-known in the swimming world.

Why do those people promote Nova's products? The answer is simple: performance. When a swimmer wants to achieve their best, it's crucial they only use the best tools at their disposal. For swimming, that means wearing Nova's high-quality swimwear products.

A vast collection of swimwear items for everyone

What's unique about Nova Swimwear is their comprehensive range of products. They manufacture and sell apparel for men, women, and children. Nova sells products for professional swimmers, of course. But, they also have a broad range of items suitable for leisure swimmers too.

Since 1986, Nova Swimwear has become a well-known swimwear brand. When sampling just some of the items they sell, it's easy to see why.

Fast delivery of products ordered online

One can order products from the Nova Swimwear site and can receive their goods from just one working day. Those that live outside of CBD areas can expect their orders in a fast timeframe also.

Chlorine resistant swimwear

Nova Swimwear also offers a range of chlorine resistant swimwear. They are perfect for us as uniforms in swimming teams for schools and clubs. In fact, Nova boasts they supply more than 1,000 clubs and schools with their swimwear!

Each garment can get customised to the branding and needs of each customer. They can even supply silicone caps printed with any branding on them.

About Nova Swimwear:

Established in 1986, Nova Swimwear has grown to be Australia's number one supplier of swimming apparel. Each product is designed and made in Australia and is FINA-approved. With a focus on swimwear for professionals, they also cater for children and leisure too.

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