Credit Union Arizona, as well as Credit Union Tucson, are financial institutions that provide the same services as a bank, but a more personal touch, as they are democratically controlled and run by their members. Open an account, deposit money, get a loan, have access to your funds everywhere you go through an online banking or mobile banking application, benefit from insurance services, all this is available if you contact one of these institutions.


Arizona Central Credit Union is a locally owned institution offering financial services to communities across Arizona, including Glendale, Tucson and Phoenix. Among the most important advantages of this institution, we can include its existence in the world of financial services for more than 70 years, its number of members, and its innovative products and technology used to ease the access of more than 70,000 people to their money.


Just like a bank, so a credit union allows its members to create accounts, deposit money, participate in youth savings clubs, invest in their future, benefit from assistance regarding retirement plans, or insurance services, and so on. But unlike a bank, Credit Union Arizona and Credit Union Tucson allow people to select a type of account that fits their lifestyle. Therefore, you can choose an account especially created for dynamic people aged between 13 and 23 years, or an account that comes with a high deductible health plan.


The same thing goes for savings; thus, you can benefit from a wide variety of account options that are created to match your requirements. First, you have to assess your need, like a new house or car, and then start saving based on your goal. All those who save money through Arizona Central Credit Union have their funds federally insured. At least $250,000 are insured for your convenience and peace of mind. Depositing money can be done at a branch of this financial institution or directly at the ATM, or online, thanks to a mobile banking or online banking application.


Finally, probably the most important service provided by a credit union is the one of offering loans at competitive rates. Loans can be offered for any type of need, from buying a new home or car to organizing your wedding or just a birthday party or going on a vacation. To satisfy a financial need, credit unions can provide their clients with credit cards as well, not only with loans. A credit card has similar advantages to a loan, allowing people to benefit from a certain amount of money when they need it.


Do you want to buy your girlfriend a necklace or perhaps an engagement ring? Looking for a way to finance your daughter's college? Forget about asking friends or going to a bank where loans do not come that easy. Contact   Credit Union Arizona     or   Credit Union Tucson    and benefit from the same services that you can receive from them, only that at lower rates. We provide our clients with a number of services, such as personalized accounts, online banking and mobile banking applications, investment and insurance services, home equity loans, credit cards, and so much more.