Nowadays, information is usually stored on digital devices like CDs or DVDs. On such discs, people can save their memories, work, and ideas. Anything can be stored on a CD or DVD, from music to video games and from photos to text documents.


In some cases, people may want to copy the information they have on a computer to a CD or DVD that they would eventually handle to other people. When they have to make two or three discs that they would offer to their friends, the solution is simple: burn two or three more discs.


But what if they have to make 1000 or more discs that would be bought by their customers? In this case, there is no shortcut for excellence and they need to address a company that can provide them with CD duplication replication and DVD duplication replication.


CD duplication replication and DVD duplication replication both of them represent methods used to produce mass quantities of discs. Duplication is recommended when 1000 or less discs are required, and replication, when more than 1000 discs are needed.


New and seasoned music composers can make their tracks known all over the world by selling their work. When they complete making an album, they can have it duplicated or replicated and then, they can sell it for a profit.


Those who create software can use the same way of making their product known. After completing the work on a project, they can burn it to a CD or DVD, send that disc to a company specialized in CD/DVD duplication and replication and ask for a certain number of discs to be duplicated or replicated.


It is true that, today, people download music or software directly from the Web and then store what they download on their electronic devices like computers, tablets or smartphones. But accidents can happen and devices can suffer from physical damage.


In this case, a thorough backup of all the files and software is recommended. This would protect users against downloading one more time all of the information that was stored on their devices before the accident.


The problem is that this backup is mainly represented by burning discs from the disk drive of an electronic device and sometimes, discs are not high-quality, or the burning software is not very good either. So, would not it be better to already have discs that were professionally recorded by specialists?


Duplication and replication are both professional production methods, with a bonus point for replication, which is the high-end way of producing discs. In the case of replication, the disc is made from raw materials by using a glass master and stamper.

Have you completed your e-book and now you want to sell it? Or perhaps do you want to share your new video game with the world? Whatever your reason, we invite you to consider offering some professionally made CDs or DVDs to your audience. They would bring you more appreciation from the public and allow your buyers to benefit from them for a very long time. For professional CD duplication replication and DVD duplication replication, contact us.