Hand grippers are known for helping athletes and gym-goers with improving their grip strength and forearm muscularity, however a new revelation has revealed that these could be the next big thing amongst motorcyclists.

There is something about going for a weekend ride on a motorbike that gives you a sense of freedom and quenches a thirst for adventure. When you ask any motorcyclist they will tell you that if there is anything they could change about riding a bike for long periods of time it is the sore hands and wrist or the other motorists which fail to give way to someone on a bike.

Riding a bike requires you to grip on to a handle for a long period of time and in this situation being able to hold on can mean the difference between life and death in extreme circumstances. When the bike is running a small vibration is sent through to the hands and wrists making the handles more difficult to grip.

Any ride longer than 30 minutes not only requires a strong grip strength but also a sense of grip endurance. In many cases bike riders often pull over to give their tired hands a rest during a cruise or long trip. By building a strong grip strength and working on endurance of the wrist and forearm muscles a bike rider will be less likely to experience this common issue.

Hand Grippers are a proven solution for improving strength, dexterity and endurance of the hands, fingers, wrist and forearms. When it comes to bike riders a set of hand grippers that provides a strong level of resistance is recommended.

Products such as the Supreme Squeeze are ideal for regular bike riders as they not only offer a 66pound resistance but are currently one of the top selling hand strengtheners on the Amazon market.