At some point, people get tired of banks in Portland Oregon and how they treat customers, not being able to provide affordable services and friendly customer service. Since they don't seem to meet people's needs anymore, more and more turn their attention towards credit unions in Oregon. When you look through some aspects, you will soon understand why. In the end, each person gets to decide where they put their money and who they trust when it comes to financial services.


Let's start by pointing out that credit unions in Oregon are operated and run by their members, which means that taking decisions affects members directly and everything is done in their best interest. You don't see this happening with banks in Portland Oregon, where managers have to respond to shareholders and decisions are taken in their favor, even if this means customers will suffer one way or another. Often, additional fees are charged, making customers unhappy, but shareholders happy as they increase revenue. This has driven many apart from banks or at least with the desire to search financial services elsewhere.


Financial institutions in general are aimed at making profit, but credit unions in Oregonare non-profit and everything that results is shared among members. However, this does not mean that making a profit is not desired, since every business has to survive, but it is not the credit union's major goal. There are situations when the federal tax is not applied to them, which means credit unions gain more revenue. Other important features worth pointing out include lower fees and high saving rates. You can even find credit unions that don't have fees at all and some don't exceed a certain amount when it comes to interest charged.


For those wondering if their deposits are insured, rest assured that credit unions in Oregon are protected and even if they fail, your money will not be lost. Of course, it is best checking out if the chosen credit union is legitimate and covered. It never hurts to be sure and you can also investigate the number of members, its history, for how long it activates and what types of services are offered. Similar to banks in Portland Oregon, you can find diverse services, everything you need for your financial concerns: business, car and personal loans, mortgages, checking and savings accounts, credit cards and more.


People might not have heard much about credit unions because they are not as advertised as other financial institutions. They might not invest a lot in marketing campaigns, but this doesn't mean they are not worthy of considering or they don't provide the potential to save money and to take advantage of exceptional service. All it takes is looking through credit unions within your location and getting in touch to check out eligibility conditions and what are your rights and obligations as a member.


Are you looking for alternatives for banks in Portland Oregon? If you want to make a change and see what else is there and how you can benefit from better services, look over credit unions in Oregon.