Many would assume that professional fighters or athletes would have the strongest grip and dexterity however research has revealed that it is in fact professional musicians that have the best control and dexterity with their hands, this article investigates.

Playing an instrument demands exceptional hand dexterity and movement in order to achieve the desired sounds. Whether it is the piano, brass instruments or even the traditional Spanish Castanets being able to articulate and control the movement of not only your hand and wrist but also each individual finger.  

When you compare musicians to athletes their hand and forearm strength is just as strong but certainly does have better dexterity and control in order to produce the amazing sounds they do with their instrument of choice.

Many people assume that dexterity is something you are simply born with, however research has proven that using hand strengthens such as grippers is an effective way to isolate this small muscle group and in turn enhance dexterity. Amazon has recently acquired a new product called Supreme Squeeze which offers quality foam handle grippers perfect for your typical musician.
Creators of hand gripping tool Supreme Squeeze explain that many of their sales go to musicians!

“It comes as no surprise that many intermediate and professional musicians use hand strengthening tools to assist in progressing their skills as a musician.”  

Dexterity is known as the ability to perform skills especially with the hands. Your hand movement, strength and ability can help or hinder you in various daily activities, so having good hand dexterity is important to almost everyone.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers are perfect for the beginner or intermediate user both male and females. Hand grippers are a cost effective and safe way to work on your dexterity. The squeezing motion and isolation of each finger will assist you to gain better control, strength and even speed when using your hands.

So whether you are a musician, athlete or just the ‘average Joe’, hand dexterity is essential to everyday life. Purchase some hand grippers from Supreme Squeeze online today to help you improve not only your dexterity but your ability with tasks that demand hand movements.

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