China - Traveling to a place where electricity is unavailable would be tough as most of us need our cell phones at all times, that¡¯s why the best idea is to have a portable Mobile Power Bank Charger to keep the cell phone charged whenever we need it. We believe Sinry Electronic offers the best solar phone chargers available because Sinry Electronic chargers require no batteries to operate so they¡¯re extremely light weight, not only that, but they are very durable and can sustain extreme weather conditions and physical abuse.

Here are some more reasons why Sinry Electronic is the best choice for your portable energy needs.

Monocrystalline Solar Cells

Monocrystalline solar cells are the most efficient Portable Power Bank Charger in the industry, they are silicon-based membranes that can easily absorb energy, they¡¯re much more efficient than polycrystalline and other types of solar cells. Sinry Electronic uses the material on each portable solar panel, and has optimized the panel in a way where the solar cells perform in the most efficient way possible.

Direct Charging

You might of heard of trickle chargers, trickle chargers rely on batteries to store energy so the user can then use the solar panel¡¯s batteries to begin charging an electronic device. This means more time you would have to wait to charge your cell phone, you would need to charge the solar panel¡¯s batteries before charging a device, this is very time consuming. Sinry Electronic doesn¡¯t use batteries, Sinry Electronic directly charges a cell phone as the Solar Power Bank Charger absorb electricity so you don¡¯t have to wait. Not only is this convenient for the user, but you would now be able to fully charge multiple devices in the same day.

Standard USB Port

Having a Standard ¡°A¡± USB port on a solar phone charger is important because micro USB ports are too delicate and can easily break causing the micro USB adaptor to malfunction with the slightest touch causing your phone to stop charging. Sinry Electronic uses a standard ¡°A¡± USB port, so the connection between the solar charger and the device is secure. Solar chargers like the solar JOOS Orange use a micro USB port, many reviewers found that the port was easily breakable when handled the wrong way and can stop charging a phone with the slightest touch to the adaptor.

Auto Retry

Sinry Electronic is the only solar phone charger that has Auto-Retry technology. Auto retry technology is a feature that allows the device to continue charging even though it has come into contact with shade. When a solar charger is blocked by shade momentarily, it will stop charging, auto-retry automatically restarts charging a device within a few minutes after it comes in contact with direct sunlight once again.

There are many more reasons why Sinry Electronic is the best choice for solar charging cell phones. it¡¯s a universal solar charger that will charge any device that uses a standard USB connection, no special adaptors required! Not only that. But, Sinry Electronic Solar Power Bank Charger is water resistant and very easy to handle. They are light enough, and thin enough to fit in the smallest spaces, but powerful enough to charge the most power-hungry device like an iPad. Find out more reasons why Sinry Electronic is the best choice for your portable energy needs, visit Sinry Electronic .com today.

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