Congrats, he finally popped the question! You’ve got the ring and the man, and now it’s time to actually plan the big day. You start to research wedding venues in Charlotte NC and wedding cake designs, and suddenly the choices seem endless. You forget the prices for liles versus roses, what dates were available for the caterer, and which Chicago wedding venues allowed a live band in their reception. How do you keep it all straight? The answer is a wedding party app.


With today’s technological advances, you can now plan your wedding from start to finish with your iPhone or computer. Instead of hiring an expensive wedding planner who you have to call and arrange an appointment with to discuss options. Instead, you can look at wedding venues for your big day on your phone screen! Many of these apps are inexpensive or even free, and deliver honest reviews and in-depth profiles of each wedding venue and service so you can make an informed decision about your venue.


Once you have your Chicago wedding venue confirmed, you can save all of your committed vendors onto one source so you can access your wedding information anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re traveling to work and don’t have cell service, you can use your computer and wi-fi to look at your wedding site and continue to work on the little details. The app will even send you reminders when a payment for the rental chairs or caterer is due, and gives you a daily countdown to your romantic wedding day! Instead of having to sync a million calendars into your mobile or physical planner notebook, you will have everything integrated in one single online spot.


Using an online resource also eliminates the possibility of human error. For example, your wedding party app will keep track of your budget for each category. If you were handling these numbers manually, you could easily add up the numbers wrong or misplace the decimal and make a crucial error in your budget-keeping. In contrast, your online app will keep exact records down to the cent of how much you’ve spent, and you can organize it into as many categories and subcategories as you want. That way, all of the math is completed for you, and it is integrated in such a way that you can easily see how much money is left for each aspect of your wedding. No more guesswork or last-minute expenditures!


Thus, using a wedding planning app is an optimal way to plan a successful wedding in today’s online world. By taking advantage of the resources you have available, you can easily plan the wedding venues in Charlotte NC with organization and style. Why don’t you give one a try? Download an app like the iWed planner today and explore the options!


With today’s technology, you can plan your entire wedding from your mobile, but you need to make sure you pick the right one. Selecting an all-inclusive wedding venues in Charlotte NC like iWed will help you select everything from your Chicago wedding venues down to your place setting for the reception dinner! Download the app today to see for yourself!