14 August, 2014: While this generation of Harvard hopefuls have counted on “Smart Drugs” or “Study Drugs” to keep up the pace, in spite of all the significant negative effects, there would seem a more natural and safer way to access the unused 80 % of the brain.

Many people are probably more familiar with this type of medicine understood by scientists as “cognitive enhancers” from the 2011 film “Limitless”, when Morra is quickly changed into a superhuman by taking a fictitious drug refereed to as NZT-48. Morra was granted access to all his brain’s cognitive areas, and consequently learns to play the piano in three days, handles to finish writing his book in just four, and afterwards quickly makes himself a million bucks.

A Bug Free Mind

In reality though numerous so called wise drugs have actually just recently been mentioned in the world’s press, and are really prescribed stimulants referred to as Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin. Students have actually now began to utilize these drugs to excel themselves at school and college, and afterwards continue to do the exact same in their professional profession.

The failure is that even though Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin seem like a marvel drug that will help students study for hours on end, the drugs are actually amphetamine-based, implying they can be habit-forming, according to Martha J. Farah, director at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.

The huge question is though … are these smart or study drugs all they are sold to be? Is it actually possible that they can make everybody more intelligent or provide us the capability to learn more? Or does a more natural form exist to help us get the same outcome without taking amphetamines? Some researchers have mentioned that it’s not actually the medicines that are boosting cognition, but simply enhancing the mindset and for that reason simply making work appear more pleasurable. Something else to take into consideration is that the brain is incredibly complicated, so by improving one talent with drugs, we may end up obstructing others.

According the International speaker Andy Shaw there is a natural method to take advantage of the wonderful power of the subconscious on demand. Mr Shaw, best seller author of “Creating A Bug Free Mind” and self-confessed millionaire divulged in a recent meeting … “within you there is your subconscious mind and it is really the magical part within. Nevertheless, it is only magical due when we fully comprehend how it works. When we comprehend a little about it then we can use it and use its powers on demand and merely “end up being smarter.”

The Bug Free Mind Process has now been proven in over 110 countries, and Andy himself explains his system as an anti-virus for the mind to help replace chaotic thinking with structured thinking. As adults we all have the flexibility to go anead and choose between prescribed drugs and natural remedies, however smart drugs are addictive .

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