Canada - Black expedition down jacket of famous canada goose norge is one of the most popular gooses down jacket series around the world. The Canada goose is also the specific products for Canada National Antarctic Expedition. Canada goose coats black expedition men series can withstand the coldest condition of weather. It not only owns the durable using life but also has very good function of heat keeping. On the other hand, its large external pockets should be another highlight point. This Canada goose parka has become popular for many years with its unique front-end design and excellent thermal characteristics.

This remarkable Canada brand Canada goose could be sold at price of 900 dollars in the international market of European and many other countries. Because of its excellent quality, draping and reasonable design, it could not only give people the comfortable wear feeling but also let people become more warmth in the cold winter condition. This expedition down jacket could be the one with the world¡¯s most popular styles. This should be the annually required clothes for the National Science Foundation¡¯s Antarctic expedition team. Furthermore, the unique multi-bag design of the Canada goose makes this cloth become warmer than other clothing.

The below description is the basically data of their winter jackets. First factor is the material. The outer material has been made of the Nylon (15%) and cotton (85%) and the surface has been manufactured by DuPont TEFLON repellant treatment, which has very good performance of windproof and waterproof. This unique treatment also makes the clothing has the excellent anti-pollution feature. The second factor is inner lining of this clothes. This part has been integrated by 100% waterproof nylon. The third part is the liner which is consisted of 80% duck down and 20% goose down.

The main zipper of the nike free sko is the high quality YKK two-way powerful type. The hat of this winter warmly jacket has been consisted of the north Alaska grey Wolf tail and fur collar, front overhang can protect chin from cold and the cap are connected by a zipper, which let the hat become removable and people could still adjust the size. On the other hand, the cap edge is also detachable. The pocket of this winter jacket composed of four pockets and two inside pockets and two outside pockets can be inserted into and let the hands become warm.

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