China - The Henan Jianhui Construction Machinery CO., LTD is the leading supplier for all kinds of Steel pipe and other steel products used for the building construction. During the quick development of past years, their high quality products especially their steel coils have been widely sold into many other countries around the world. Now, this company has already become the ISO9001:2000 certified company.

Based on the cold rolled steel strip or heated rolled steel strip, the galvanized steel coil is made by the continuous hot-dipping galvanizing process. This kind steel product could be divided into the hot galvanized plate and the hot rolled galvanized coils. People could easily identify the difference of this product by the outside shape.

The engineer from Henan Jianhui Construction Machinery which website is said that their Galvanized steel coils can be divided into two kinds which are the hot-rolled coil and cold rolled galvanized coils. Their products could be mainly used in the industries such as construction, appliance, automotive, container, transportation and other areas of business especially the steel construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing and other industries. Frankly speaking, their steel products have largely applied into the construction projects in the countries of Middle East, Pakistan, India and many other countries around the world.

The mainly features of their Alloy Steel Bar products are high corrosion resistance, good surface quality, easy deep processing ability, economical and practical. These advantages are mainly benefit from the finely workmanship of Henan Jianhui.

The main production progress for this product could be concluded into following process. The first step should be the production of the steel plates. Secondly, worker will use operate the related machines to let the thin steel plates immerse in molten zinc and then the surface of the steel plate will be adhered to a thin layer of zinc plates. At present, the factory will mainly adopt the continuous galvanizing workmanship which is continuous put the rolled steel plate into the melted zinc plating bath.

In addition to the normal galvanized coil, this company also produces the alloyed galvanized steel plate. This steel plate is also manufactured by hot dip method like the related steel coil. The only difference is that the galvanized steel plate will be immediately heated to 500 degrees after it has been taken out of the tank. This process could help the plate generates the alloy film of zinc and iron.

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