Being a stay at home mom is by far one of the most challenging jobs in the world! Recent research and case studies have shown that many moms often under estimate the demand of hand strength in their everyday routine. This article investigates.

If you are a stay at home mom, grip strength is something you use every day! Household chores, cleaning and raising children demands grip strength more than most people assume.  

Think about your regular daily routine:

Getting dressed, making the bed, making breakfast, brushing your teeth, packing the kids lunches and folding the washing is just a small portion of the common tasks which moms perform on a regular basis that use forearms muscles or otherwise known as grip strength.

Ask anyone that has had a wrist injury or broken their arm or a single finger. Daily tasks become extremely difficult and the things we often take for granted or treat as ‘novelty tasks’ become a huge challenge. In the workplace if someone has an unexpected injury the average person can take sick leave. However the role of a mom does not present that option.

Stay at home mom Jody would often need to ask her husband to open the baby food or even the dryer on the washing machine before he would leave for work. Judy soon got sick of her forearm strength limiting her in her every day routine. In an effort to improve her grip strength Judy started using Hand Grippers for 10 minutes each day. After 3 weeks she already noticed the difference and soon was able to open tightly closed jars without her husband’s assistance.  

Maintaining grip strength and dexterity or recovering from an injury is easier than ever with a new product perfect the stay at home mom. Supreme Squeeze foam handle hand grippers are a new product on the market that moms need to get their hands on!  

Hand Grippers are a proven and convenient product designed to not only assist in building and maintaining your grip strength but also to assist with enhancing dexterity and recovering from an injury that may hinder your grip. Just like they did with Jody!

Supreme Squeeze is the ideal product for the average person with a medium resistance of 30kg and a comfortable foam handle for gripping. Plus complimentary workout guides and tips will assist you in achieving optimal results.

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