Have you ever tried a Stressless Nordic? Then, it’s about time to learn more on why you should purchase your first Stressless office chair. Basically, if you want to work more efficiently, to avoid back and neck pain, to enjoy a correct posture and to spend little, then you have to order this ergonomic chair as soon as possible. Access their official webpage and place your order today!

The importance of using an ergonomic Stressless office chair is unquestionable. Actually, you have plenty of reasons to order your first Stressless Nordic today. Not to mention that shipping is free and fast! Let’s see exactly why it’s recommended to use such a chair on a daily basis.

Increased productivity. If you think that a simple piece of furniture cannot make a difference, think again: it has been scientifically proven that it’s essential to have correct posture for working without problems. So, investing in a Stressless Nordic for your office, seems only normal. In the end, we all dream about working at our full capacity!

Healthier working conditions. Designed to guarantee maximum levels of comfort, a Stressless office chair has a structure that doesn’t put any pressure on the hips and the buttocks. Also, due to the ergonomic concept behind theStressless Nordic there is no risk of back and neck pain. Basically, the chair takes the shape of the body, without affecting your posture and avoiding neck and shoulder stiffness.

Affordable costs. If you thought that you cannot afford a Stressless office chair think again: prices are more convenient than you ever imagined. Actually, if you take a look now at their official site, you will learn more about the current Ekornes sale and save up to $200 on your first Stressless Nordic. All you have to do is donate $50 to charity and the discount is guaranteed!

Extended guarantee. Keep in mind that all the products manufactured by the experts from Ekornes come with a warranty certificate. They are built to last for many, many years. After all, this is one of the most important advantages of premium furniture: the possibility to use them for a lifetime.

So, now that you know all about the advantages, all there is left to do is consult their site and choose your favorite model. You are likely to be surprised to see how many colors and models are available. All you have to do is browse their selection of products and choose the one best suited with the design and the atmosphere of your office.

And if you have time, take a look at their other categories of products: you never know what other interesting pieces of furniture you might discover. Trust the Norwegian way of manufacturing furniture: buy from Ekornes and Unwind.

For more information on high quality office chairs, please visit the webpage  about Stressless office chairs http://unwind.com/stressless-office/ . Take a moment and access Stressless Nordic http://unwind.com/ekornes-stressless-nordic-recliner-and-ottoman-medium-ships-free/  if you want to read further details about recliners, specials, free shipping optionsand other promotions.