393Reckless driving in Virginia is considered as a very serious traffic violation. A person who is convicted of reckless driving in Virginia will be guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor, which is a serious crime punishable by a jail term of up to 12 months. The drivers can also have their driving license suspended for up to 6 months which can harm the means of travelling to and from school or work. It can be a big concern for those individuals convicted of reckless driving if the type of job is related to transportation such as a taxi driver, bus driver or a truck driver, as it can have a dramatic consequence on the financial being of the worker.

Individuals who are convicted of reckless driving will also be added with 6 points of driving penalty in their driving record. In Virginia, a driver is allowed to receive up to 12 points and more points can cause an individual’s driving license to be suspended. This suspension can be very difficult to remove if a person receives numerous offenses within a year.

In addition, the fines and court fees may range more than $ 150. An amount that prompts a constraint to report traffic violation of any government employee is an excess of $150 penalty fees. This can affect an individual’s current as well as future employment and can even affect their clearances if they are applying for a government job. Reckless driving conviction can be very harmful for government employees requiring secret clearance.

Reckless driving can also affect insurance premiums and may even cause the car insurance to double due to reckless driving conviction. In some cases, it will depend on the driving record insurance as they may drop their coverage and leave the drivers with a choice to pay higher premiums with other insurance providers.

Therefore if anyone is charged with reckless driving, the wisest thing to do is consult an experienced reckless driving lawyer Virginia to defend the drivers in the Virginia district courts. http://freestylemontessori.org/


The cost to hire a reckless driving lawyer in Virginia can vary based on the jurisdiction, the severity of the offense, your driving record, etc.  Talk to an experienced reckless driving lawyer in Virginia as to the cost of hiring a lawyer to help you with your Virginia reckless driving ticket.

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