USA; 08/31/2013: The memory foam mattress topper is an additional independent bedding product that is made using foam. The money required to invest in a full mattress made from foam is large, which is why most people are unable to afford it. This aversion to make a large investment from people who still want the comfort of foam mattress has made this kind of product popular. These mattresses are made using high quality foam that was developed in the decade of sixties by NASA. When the material was available commercially, several companies used it to make these independent toppers. 

The material used to manufacture these products is capable of adjusting the shape to match the one while you sleep. Moreover, its sensitivity to temperature changes is another reason that makes this product popular with a large number of people. The toppers adapt to the contours of your body and the material gets soft when the temperature is warm and hardens when the temperature rises. The capability of being able to adapt to any size and shape makes it unique and comfortable. Therefore, when you shift while sleeping, the part that gets free resumes it smooth surface. 

When choosing from the different kinds of gel memory foam mattress topper, you need to consider some factors. The foremost thing users need to consider is the density of the topping pads, which can be confusing because companies sell different kinds of foams from various countries around the world. Generally, the accepted principle is that the cheaper options come with lower density. In addition, most of these cheaper products come with shorter warranty periods, no exchange guarantees, and is less durable. These inexpensive toppers are more likely to compress at some parts of the foam material. Users are advised to check all these factors and choose products made from good materials and sold by well-reputed and reliable vendors. 

The serta memory foam mattress topper is available in different thicknesses, which range from one inch up to four inches. The weight of the person who is going to use the independent bedding should be considered while determining the thickness. While the most comfortable density level varies from one person to another, most users consider four pound density as the most appropriate for an excellent experience. Majority of the users consider these toppers to be soft offering a nicer feel while being less sensitive to temperature changes. 

Another important factor that will determine your choice for foam mattress toppers is the price. Generally, the expensive bedding material is made using pure foam without the use of any filler, which reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. The size of the topper is another consideration because some of these may not cover the mattress fully. You should check if the toppers leave any space around the edges to ensure complete coverage. Users are advised to measure the size of their bed mattress to ensure they purchase the right size of the independent bedding topper. For availing the best quality products, visit 


Memory foam mattress topper is highly beneficial to enjoy a restful sleep through the night. These products are designed to adapt to the contours of the body making it comfortable for users to get good rest.