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Worried about the upcoming FAA drug testing program? Worried that you won’t be able to manage the database or the reporting? Well, in this case, it would be indicated to get in touch with a professional D.O.T drug testing consortium and ask for more information on prices and services. Apparently, you have more than one good reason why you should consider such a collaboration….here are some of these reasons!


Highly qualified personnel! As it turns out, in this FAA drug testing consortium you will have the opportunity to work only with specialised personnel. All the tests are under the strict supervision of expert staff and each and every result is validated by a medical reviewer officer. At the same time, professionals will be in charge with the management of the database as well as with the reporting.


State-of-the-art technologies! On the other hand, the personnel is not enough for accurate testing. That is why at a certified D.O.T drug testing consortium, they are using only top technologies and modern testing laboratories. As for the random selection process, the entire operation will be performed by sophisticated online systems for maximum of precision and accuracy.


Competitive prices! As for the costs when collaborating with FAA drug testing consortium, you should know that it’s not at all expensive to hire them. Actually, every penny spend for your collaboration with D.O.T drug testing consortium should be considered a smart investment. For an exact price quote, it’s best if you contact directly their customer care department.


So, from what it seems, you have more than one good argument in favour of such a collaboration. It doesn’t matter if you represent a public company or a private entity, it doesn’t matter which type of drug testing you want to perform or to which industry the company belongs: these experts have the experience, the personnel and the facilities to cover any type of project!


Don’t take any risks and hire the most experienced FAA drug testing consortium! Contact them in time and discuss in detail the type of drug testing programs you are interested in and the exact period.

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