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New Lenox, Il, 12/20/2015 ? According to the James Matthew the CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC he has a spiritual message for everyone to understand.
"Do you keep seeing the numbers 911? You may be seeing it on clocks, cell phones, computer clocks, license plates, clocks can be anywhere displaying 911 that catches your attention. It may not mean what you think. It is not an emergency number. It does not refer to the twin towers. It is an angelic message that angels are sending you because you must be going through a difficult period in your life. The angels are trying to tell you a message." Said James Matthew.
James Matthew said, "I know what "911" really means. I was experiencing something that was not good, very stressful part of my life. Then me and my wife as well started seeing "911" at least 3 times a day for several months. "911" would display on anything that displays time. A watch, a clock on the stove. The time on a cell phone. The time displayed on a TV set. In fact we still see it."
"We were experiencing something very personal and very stressful and depressing. Then we stated noticing "911" 3-5 times a day. So I looked it up on the internet. I searched "why I keep seeing 911".
"What's more interesting is that I had set up a machine that we sell called the Miracle SWishing Machine. It was configured to make these negative things in our lives go a way. Then shortly after that we started noticing "911" all over. Primarily on clocks. Over a several months, this negative situation went away. Everything was gradually getting better a little at a time. Then, finally, happiness. The negative situation was forever gone. I think that the wishing machine helped a lot. I think it communicated to the universe, and the angels that we needed help. It was set basically as a distress call. However, if you are reading this chances are that you are noticing "911" your self without any special machines." Said James Matthew.
You can search the meaning of "911" yourself. You'll see, its explained all over the internet.
A brief description is as follows; Angels are prompting you to notice let's say the time on any device at 9:11 time. The meaning is, the short version is that what ever it is you are going through things are getting better for you. A new positive, happy and successful chapter in your life is on it's way to you. Do nat be afraid, do not be sad, do not be scared. The angels are with you right now guiding you in the right direction. A new door within your life is opening. Just be patient. Continue what you are doing now. You are being guided from god's angels. You are not alone.
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Summary: Many people that want to become closer to the spiritual world purchases the Miracle Wishing Machine sold by Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
However not everyone may need it. But, it can possibly make your dreams, wishes, needs answered that much faster.
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