No matter where you live in the United States—except Alaska, perhaps—you have to deal with hot weather during the summertime. While some people relish the sunlight and heat, others find it unbearable and can’t wait to jump in the shower after spending some time outside baking in the heat. After all, there are few things—if any—that can make you feel as clean as a shower can—unless your shower water isn’t that clean itself, though. Do you ever think about how clean the water running through your shower head is? Don’t put too much stock in the water having no distinctive color, because even water that “looks” clean can be chock full of chemicals and contaminates. Keep reading to see how you can use water test kits to find out how clean your showers really make you, and to see why you could benefit immensely from using shower water filters in your home.


Most people have trouble believing their tap water isn’t as clean as they think it is, and if you’re one of those people, why not put the issue to a test, to see how things really stand? The truth is that you can think whatever you like, but the results of water test kits don’t lie, so you should think about using one to check the water in your home. Water test kits will help you figure out if there are really contaminates in your water that shouldn’t be there, and it can tell you their levels—if any are present. Water test kits can be purchased in any reliable online store for less than $50, so finding out the truth won’t be difficult or expensive either. Even if you have a water filtration system already in place, you can still use water test kits to periodically check if your system is functioning correctly, so you don’t have to feel you’ve purchased it for nothing if you’re getting a filter installed.


Once you test your water quality, you’ll know how seriously you should take filtration. However, realistically speaking, chances are that you could benefit from using a filtration system—larger or smaller, that’s your choice entirely—no matter where in the United States or in the world you live. If you don’t want to start out with a large system right away, that’s completely understandable. You can start out with buying a few shower water filters for the bathrooms in your home. You take a shower every day, so odds are shower water filters will always make up their cost to you. This being said, you should know that shower water filters aren’t all too expensive—the most affordable models should start from under $20—depending on the online store you choose to do your shopping from—and from there on the price can rise, depending on the particulars of each model.


Think about whether you want to make use of one of the many water test kitsto test the quality of the water flowing through your house, and see how using shower water filters can restore your confidence in your daily showers—for an affordable cost to boot.