With 18 years being the majority age, many parents feel apprehensive about enrolling their teenagers for under 17s driving lessons in Stockport. These lessons are preparation for youngsters for full driving lessons Stockport once they reach 17, the legal age for driving. The training, however, has many benefits which parents would appreciate in enhancing the overall development of their teenage children.


Under 17s driving lessons in Stockport do not expose these young students to any risks. They are conducted in a highly controlled environment and often in off-road courses. Even if the students can go for on road lessons, they learn at an early age about road safety and their responsibility in enhancing safety on highways. You no longer have to give lengthy lectures about dangerous driving since the instructor will handle that when your youngster is behind the wheel.


The driving lessons enhance the awareness of the student on the road. Lessons conducted on off roads where there is no traffic to distract by causing panic and fear increases the ability of the student of concentrate on the important aspects of their instruction. Eventually, they absorb their lessons faster and build their confidence. When they receive on-road practice, they can take charge on the road after receiving their licences.


Due to the risk associated with having under 17s behind the wheel for driving lessons, driving schools have comprehensive insurance cover for under 17 students in case of accidents or damage. They also create room for parents to watch their children learn. The vulnerability of these young students, the safety measures in place and involvement of parents to supervise the lessons means that the students receive above board training, which may not be the case in the full driving course.


The under 17 lessons are available for those aged 14 or more. Since they serve as preparation for full driving instruction, they assist the students in faster learning once they enrol for the full driving lessons. By cutting back on the amount of time lessons spent on the full driving course due to the core competencies previously acquired in the under 17s driving lessons in Stockport, the costs of the driving course also fall and the student can get a driving licence quickly since they pass faster. In most cases, these students only need a few lessons after turning 17 before taking the test.


Other than the independence offered by learning to drive early, these driving lessonsStockport make an apt gift for a teen and motivate them to pursue other ambitions in life. The skills provide freedom and convenience since they do not always have to rely on you or public transport to around. They enhance self-confidence and serve as an avenue of entrenching values such as avoiding drunken and dangerous driving. It constitutes a constructive use of leisure time. With such skills, they can successfully apply for jobs which require driving skills. But most of all, they give you peace of mind in knowing your teen will be safe and responsible behind the wheel.

Allow your teen to become independent and responsible behind the wheel with our learner friendly Under 17sDriving Lessons in Stockport. We tailor all our Driving Lessons Stockport to meet safety and regulatory requirements. We look forward to your call to discuss details.