Everyone talks about bachelor parties as if the real fun only happens when the guys get together. Some of the bachelorette parties not only match the bachelor parties in terms of fun but in fact overshadow them. If a woman ever complains that why should boys have all the fun, then they should be told that this is not true at all. When women decide to put their bachelorette party ideas into action, they can give the boys run for their money. If you have been thinking of something wacky for a friend’s bachelorette party, then there are ideas galore. But make sure you opt for one of the party bus rentals — the fun just gets doubled. SLA is the company you should think of for such rentals; they rent wedding limousines, limos, party buses, private yachts, private boats and planes and helicopters.


Everyone knows what party bus rentals are all about but the number of those who actually experience these buses is much lower. A party bus is a converted vehicle, the interior of which is designed to host parties. And when we say parties, we mean “no holds barred” parties. These buses offer you complete privacy as you go about partying on the move. The only caveat here is that you cannot have a large group in the same bus — 10 to 12 is a good number and after that, the place tends to get crowded and the fun element goes down. However, even if you are thinking of transporting more people than that, keep in mind Starlight’s new stars: a 14 passenger Wedding Limousine and a 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo.


Use party bus rentals for executing your bachelorette party ideas and it can be done. Here are some tips on what you can do.


  • You can arrange for drinks and food inside the bus.
  • Although the space is relatively cramped, you can plan out some games inside the bus and let everyone participate.
  • You can have the girls dance in pairs as the dance numbers blare inside the bus.
  • You can hire a male stripper for performing inside the bus.
  • Some of you can practice pole dancing and stripping and put on your personal show.


And there are many more bachelorette party ideas that can be executed inside the bus. But all this is only possible when you deal with an experience entertainment agency. SLA or Starlight Luxury Transportation Association is a premier provider of luxury transport options and entertainment options. This agency is a large platform for entertainers to showcase their talent and you can have one or more of these people performing for you inside the bus. Not only do these agencies help you with party bus rentals, but they also help you with some of the wildest bachelorette party ideas and their execution. SLA has a countrywide presence and you can use their services in most of the states in the US. There is a very large number of quality professionals involved in the party business, so you can hire them through StarBook: popular local and national bands, talented singers, impressive vocalists, famous musicians, graceful dancers, skilled actors, pretty models and funny comedians. There is someone with the talent that you have in mind and you can book at Starlight’s StarBook.


The cost of party bus rentals is not out of your budget. Request SLA for a quote and they will ensure that they can make arrangements within your budget range. You may need to loosen your pocket a bit but the extra spending is surely worth the fun. You can even ask them for the funkiest bachelorette party ideas and they can help you with the execution too.


SLA is one of the premier providers of party bus rentals for various occasions. This agency can also help you with some of the funniest bachelorette party ideas .