Keller, TX — Pesky critters have a tendency to invade buildings and wreak havoc on structures. For nuisance wildlife removal and management, there is Wildlife X Team. A free 25 point inspection is available for prospective residential and commercial clients.

The inspection is designed to help ensure buildings are safe and free from wildlife or pests. Features such as roofing, vents, gutter guards and chimneys are thoroughly examined for signs of animals or insects. Trees, weather stripping, brick and weep holes are also inspected depending on the structure. Company personnel are meticulous in their methods.

Wildlife X Team specializes in animal control, wildlife removal and prevention services. Wildlife prevention tips and protection equipment are available, which helps owners build-up a comprehensive defense against unwanted intrusions from pests. Company personnel take the time to explain wildlife management services and guide clients through removal processes.

Company personnel are adept at controlling squirrels, bats, mice, pigeons and other troublesome pests that likely to invade homes. Non-venomous and venomous snakes are removed with expedience to limit risks and discomfort to building occupants. From trouble with raccoons to clashes with bobcats, Wildlife X Team is there to mitigate risks and control wildlife.

Affordable pricing and monthly special offers add to the value of services provided by Wildlife X Team. Client testimonials praise the professionalism of staff and the effectiveness of the services rendered. There is no better company for wild animal removal .

For additional information on the services offered by Wildlife X Team, please visit . Company personnel are available to provide a free 25 point inspection of residential or commercial properties. Call (855) 945-3543 today to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information:
Wildlife X Team International
Address: 5501 Egg Farm Rd, Suite 950
Keller, TX 76244
Phone: (817) 431-3007