The United States of America, March 27, 2014: Growing popularity of the Internet and increasing acquaintance of people with the same has remarkably widened the utility and applicability of the web. In business, merely running a website is not sufficient for entrepreneurs and the fact is true for enterprises of all sizes. Email marketing is an integral part of online marketing. However, automated email responder service providers charge respectable amount for the service, which thus becomes unaffordable for small firms and start-ups. Sean Donahoe has developed the IMSC Rapid Mailer to address the same concern. IMSC Rapid Mailer enables small and young companies to carryout email marketing without subscription.

IMSC Rapid Mailer is a WordPress plug-in that has all the functions that automated email responder service providers offer to their clients. The only difference is that it can be immensely useful for start-ups, unlike the conventionally expensive mailer service. The noteworthy point is that IMSC Rapid Mailer is a plug-in and not a subscription-based service. In other words, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals have to invest one-time purchase of the product to gain continuously from it. Besides the relief from subscriptions, the price of the plug-in is affordable too. Unlimited online email marketing can be conducted with IMSC Rapid Mailer of Sean Donahoe for just $27. While the price may already seem unbelievable to many, it also includes some bonuses that are offered with the product.

IMSC Rapid Mailer is a flexible product by Sean Donahoe and can cater to diverse needs in online marketing. Marketers who do not have an email service provider can use their own host. On the other hand, importing subscribed accounts from any auto-responder to IMSC Rapid Mailer is matter of a few clicks. Equally simple is instant queuing of blogs for syndications to the entire list at marketers’ disposal. The plug-in is completely flexible, easily customisable and can import theme templates for brand emails. It uses WordPress bulleting framework for greater reliability and security. IMSC Rapid Mailer has integrated click tracker and short-link support for tracking clicks. Direct integration of the plug-in with social media enables marketers to virally spread emails online. Besides, offline version of emails can also be rendered to readers who need it. It has both single and double options configuration and can be managed via mobile devices as well as via PCs.

The idea of IMSC Rapid Mailer struck Sean Donahoe when he recognised the plight of beginners in online marketing, who usually do not have enough fund to pay monthly subscription charges. His product is set to be officially released on 8th of April, 2014.

About IMSC Rapid Mailer:


IMSC Rapid Mailer is a WordPress plug-in that is especially developed to assist start-up firms and small enterprises in email marketing. The mailer has all essential functions that auto-responders have. It requires one-time purchase and relieves users off the liability of paying for monthly subscription charges.