Will Sharda choose her family over education?


Has Sharda failed as a mother, daughter- in — law and wife? Fans of EkkNayiPehchaan get ready for some high quotient emotional drama in a special one hour episode. The episode unfolds a series of events that appear to be routine in the course of Sharda's household life, but soon she realises that each simple action spins out into a crisis of huge proportions. Her granddaughter Diya and son Chirag  get into big time trouble and the saddest ‎part is that circumstances lead to a situation where Sharda is blamed by family members for each misfortune that has befallen them! Sharda is shaken to the core. Her heart breaks and she starts questioning herself, but will her  resolve to study waver…….what will Sharda do, will she choose her dreams over her family or will she sacrifice all her small aspirations?


Talking about her experience PoonamDhillon says, “Sharda excels in her coaching class projects because of her hard work and sincere efforts. But sometimes circumstances in our life cause us despair and others need a scapegoat. Sharda honestly feels herself responsible for all mishappenings that take place in her family. Since family is most important to her she accepts the blame that the family unfairly puts on her. Unfortunately, even today lots of people are of the opinion that a woman who’s too educated will neglect her family. I feel that a woman does so much for family, but an educated woman does it even better with more awareness and finesse.”


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