William Benson, owner of luxury champagne brand, Billionaires Row and former investment banker partners with James He, founder of Superego, a marquee hemp-based lifestyle brand on Joint Venture, Jari Project to supply HEMPSILK, a trademark refined hemp fiber produced using a regenerated cellulosic process with only organic solvents.

The joint venture has inked an exclusive 5 year supply agreement with a private conglomerate of factories in Bangladesh and Dubai , the original source of the Indian hemp, to develop, produce and import this product and introduce it to major retailers who are encouraged to switch from cotton and synthetic fibers such as polyester.

"the recent legalization of hemp and marijuana will inevitably lead to a multi-billion dollar industry substantially increasing the demand for sustainable and biodegradable hemp based products. However the domestic manufacturing infrastructure and capacity for hemp apparel production is still in its infancy. We are uniquely positioned to supply the largest demands for hemp apparel in the world. The US imports currently imports over half a billion hemp products each year."

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