A brand new law firm will be opening its doors to the Windsor community. The new firm will specialize in personal injury and will have a variety of practice areas. Accident victims who have interest in their services will be able to read about the firm online when their upcoming website is fully launched, and contact details will be available online for those who want to schedule a meeting in person.

About Windsor’s Newest Law Firm

The new personal injury lawyer Windsor will specialize in several practice areas. Their six areas of service include car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, animal attacks, work-related injuries, and wrongful death. Accident victims living in Windsor will be able to get in touch with the firm online or over the phone to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss their claim and what practice area their case best fits in with. Because many people don’t have the finances to pay legal fees up front, the firm has a payment policy to only charge clients after they win a case, not before. More information about their pricing and descriptions about each of their service areas will be available on their website when it launches.

Law Firm’s Website Coming Soon

The upcoming personal injury firm has plans to launch their website very soon. The website will give Windsor citizens a quick look at basic information about the firm as well as in-depth reviews about each practice area. Interested parties will also be able to read up on pricing policies and special offers the firm is hosting, as well as information about the legal team. For accident victims who want to meet up in person at the firm’s office, the firm will provide contact information online so clients can schedule a free case evaluation and meet with an attorney.

Know more http://www.personalinjurylawyerwindsor.ca/.

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