(Free Press Release) This is what I recently sent to my college roommate who was heading to SF and to wine country. I decided to post it here so I could revert back to it.

3 days is plenty in Wine Country. You can hit a lot of places in Napa and Sonoma in that amount of time. I would go up to Healdsburg - see Santa Rosa. If you want winery recommendations - let me know.

Stop in Sausalito on the way back to SF. Walk around, have lunch, see some art.

In SF, I lived in the marina district. It‘s my favorite. Go shopping on union street, walk down to marina - maybe have breakfast at the grove on chestnut. Nice small little Italian restaurant you would like up on Pac Heights - Jackson Fillmore, which is ironically at the corner of Jackson and Fillmore. Go early.

Fishermans Wharf is touristy, go but don't spend much time there. If you want restaurant recs, also let me know. One place you might like that is really unique is called Foreign Cinema. Look it up. Another is the slanted door. Blowfish sushi is great (if it‘s still around). I have a long list... Let me know what you're thinking.

Places to stay: I am weak in this category bc I had an apartment there and didn't stay in hotels. -----Check out the Mark Hopkins - there is a bar up top you should take Maria to at sunset. Def do it one night even if you don't stay there. But, I think you can get a decent deal on this place from what I've heard and it‘s on nob hill (center of city w great views).

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