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Wishing Machine Creates Ton's Of Orders For A Sales Man
New Lenox, Il, 12/9/2015 ? According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC the makers of the most sought after wishing machine, the Miracle Wishing Machine claims that a customer who purchased a Miracle Wishing Machine has more than doubled a companies sales.
During the month of 12/2015 a man who sells products over the internet, has more than doubled his percentage of sales.
According to James Matthew, the CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC they have a man that purchased a wishing machine during 11/2015. The customers purpose was for trying to increase his sales ratio.
The man own an online Internet company. So he set the machine up for the purpose of getting more sales. Not less than a day or 2 from setting up the machine he started to notice a surge in sales for one of their slower selling products.
He was so impressed from the results of the Miracle Wishing Machine that he purchased a second machine immediately. However, he was a rather quite clever with this new idea.
This wishing machine he set up to use for day to day sales. Here is what he did. He programmed the machine to bring more sales for new customers that contacted the company at any time and any day.
Its simple. When ever someone would call and enquire about a certain product he sold, he would make sure yet got their name, phone number, and product of interested. He would then write this information down on a sticky note. He would then place the sticky note on the wishing machine. Keep in mind, the wishing machine has already been pre-programmed to react to what ever it was he set up on the wishing machine.
"This customer was so excited from the results. In some cases not less than an hour after the potential customer called, the sales man was received a higher percentage of call backs from that same person thus creating more sales than usual." James Matthew said.
"Unfortunately, as requested by our customer, he does not want his name, company name, or products that he sells to be mentioned on our website or any other advertising sources." James Matthew said.
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Summary: Wishing machines have been around since the late 1800's, early 1900's. They do work. However according to Miracle Alternatives, LLC their Miracle Wishing Machine is like no other. It includes 12 frequency knobs, instead of 2 or 6 which is usually the normal.
To learn more about the Miracle Wishing machine visit product web page to read description, and watch actual product video demonstrations.
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