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Joy leaps ahead in March.
With 1027 units delivered to customers in March, BMW India maintains momentum as the Number One luxury car manufacturer in India.
Highest sales in a single month by a luxury car manufacturer in India till date.
Gurgaon. In March 2011, BMW India delivered 1027 cars to customers and further consolidated its leadership position in the luxury car segment in India.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India said, “BMW India is proud to become the first luxury car manufacturer to cross the 1000 mark in a single month. This proves that we have a whole range of competitive advantages: exciting new products, first class premium dealerships, superior customer service and a very strong and aspirational brand. As the market leader in the Indian luxury car segment, I am convinced that we are well-positioned for a very promising future.”

BMW India has delivered 2147 cars to customers in calendar year 2011 (January 500 Units, February 620 Units, March 1027 Units).

Dr. Andreas Schaaf further added, “Today, BMW stands for sport-inspired and efficient driving. The new BMW 5 Series has contributed tremendously to the success story of BMW in India and is the largest selling luxury sedan in its segment. The new BMW 5 Series has received extremely positive feedback from the market and and has positioned itself as the best business limousine in India.”

Last year, BMW India retained the Number One position in the luxury car segment in India for the second consecutive year with a market share of over 40%. With 6246 cars delivered to customers in the calendar year 2010, BMW India achieved the “highest sales by a manufacturer in the luxury car segment in a year”.

YTD Sales 2011
Car Model January February March Total YTD
BMW 3 Series 164 176 305 645
BMW 5 Series 271 264 380 915
BMW 6 Series 1 1 1 3
BMW 7 Series 17 38 60 115
BMW Gran Turismo 7 8 11 26
BMW X1 15 110 213 338
BMW X3 2 0 0 2
BMW X5 9 10 30 49
BMW X6 9 12 17 38
BMW Z4 5 1 10 16
YTD Total 500 620 1027 2147

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