06, July 2015: The 2015 World Expo is being held in Milan. Are you ready to enjoy the exhibition feast? Talking about Milan, most people will flash a word in their mind—BMW. Please don’t confuse this word with the famous brand of car in the world. Here BMW equals to Bike (many bikes on the street) +Metro (the metro is always late) +Walk (walk will be your best way to enjoy the city of Milan). But now World Expo is here. But for those who want to visit the exhibitions, will you go to the expo by your bike which will only carry you to the gate of the exhibition area and you visit all the exhibition hall by walking? Or will you wait in the station for the metro that is generally not on time in Milan? So forget your B M W and choose Airwheel, you will enjoy a truly happy visit of exhibitions in 2015 World Expo. 

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Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters have long range and high speed that will save you much precious time for visiting the exhibitions. Generally, Airwheel intelligent scooters are able to travel for a long distance over 20 km, and their top speed is about 18 km/h. So you won’t feel tired on your way to the exhibition area, and the whole visit will be more pleasant. 

Airwheel intelligent scooters are extremely portable, so you may take them into exhibition area and ride them to the next exhibition hall which is far from you. Also you won’t be stuck into the endless traffic jam because you can ride your Airwheel electric scooters on the sidewalk. So your precious time will be saved as much as possible for enjoying the beauties from different cultures in these exhibition halls. 

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Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters have strong performance in stability, safety and power. The top-quality hardware and intelligent software of Airwheel electric scooters offer you stable and safe travel experiences. The utterly eco-friendly features of Airwheel electric scooters also match the eco-friendly ideas in World Expo, so with Airwheel intelligent scooters you are a practitioner of World Expo spirits. 

In your daily life, Airwheel products will also be your best choice for short-distance and middle-distance travels. You can ride Airwheel scooters to your offices, to the supermarkets near your home, to a filed outing with your family and even to walk your pet dogs. So choose Airwheel and forget your B M W. 

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