April 29 , Shenzhen (China): Great news if you are down with any computer emergency- our sources report of Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 which claims to boot up all computers and fix up any computer booting issue. The boot CD is developed by Wondershare, the eminent Hong Kong based software developer.

“We do understand that a sudden computer crash can lead to a huge misfortune for the user and thus have developed our LiveBoot 2012 boot disc which is equipped to recover the hard drive and Windows completely so that you are saved from the permanent loss of hard-earned data. It‘s great to mention that our LiveBoot 2012 can perform more than 40 utility functions”, remarks Wondershare while speaking about its latest PC data saving launch. The Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 software program is reported to be designed integrated with the Miocrosoft‘s state of the art WinPE 3.0 technique.

Our sources asked Wondershare about its LiveBoot‘s major functions. The principle solutions from Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 reportedly are Windows Recovery, Password and Key Finder, Data Recovery & Disk management. “Our boot disc would solve any form of Window crash & all booting problems like booting failure, blue or black screen or virus infection. Window versions like 98/ME/HOME/2K/XP/2003/Vista/NT and 7 are supported by our boost CD. Besides, we allow free reinstallation of Windows enabling password reset”, adds Wondershare further.

The LiveBoot 2012 is further reported to boot from CD and rescue all data from external/internal hard disk when the disk is corrupted. As regards to disk management, Wondershare declared to extend a comprehensive help encompassing partition management, partition/disk cloning, partition/disk wipe & more.

Our sources inquired regarding the user compatibility feature of their latest LiveBoot 2012. “Well, our users would be glad to know that our Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 has been backed by a really comfortable and easy to use interface.” joins in Wondershare. As per the software developer, users with any level of computer skill would be able to boot up their PC with the assistance of Wondershare LiveBoot 2012.

The interested users can easily buy the LiveBoot 2012 from Wondershare‘s official website. Each of the programs would come for around 59.95 USD currently.

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