(Free Press Release) Los Angeles, CA, September 29,2010----Torrance is the sixth largest city in Los Angeles and has a diversely strong retail, commercial and industrial sector, as well as it's centralized location within the South Bay area. This makes it very attractive to new startup businesses as well as established companies looking for a direct business hub that is right in the thick of it. So if you are searching for ideal office space in Torrance that will work for you, then you might want to think about the Torrance Office Center.

The center offers flexible office rental agreements that are not tied in to a contract. This is great news for the potential client, because it means that the client has no large financial rental deposits to pay and no overheads to worry about.

Torrance Office manager Rowena Pascual says that “by leasing prime office space on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, without being tied into a contract, the client has a “hassle free” rental option. This means that they are able to have their businesses up and running within a matter of hours and can scale up or scale down accordingly.”

This is great news for the client because they can simply pay for what they use on an “as and when” basis. The center provides everything from comfortable clean offices, with state of the art technology, that will help clients gain an advantage over their rivals, to support staff such as administrative and reception personnel. It also provides meeting/conference rooms. All of these services are paid for by the client when they need them and this inevitably means that the client is given the freedom of flexi time and space.

If you are looking for office space in Torrance then the Torrance Office Center has it all.. A Gym and café are onsite so the client can take advantage of their use whilst at work On the whole, renting office space in Torrance couldn‘t be easier. It is certainly the smart way to do business and it takes the strain out of running it.

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Torrance Office Center offer flexible office space to rent, combined with professional staff and high specification technology in one affordable package.To know more about office space in Torrance : http://www.torranceofficecenter.com

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Torrance Office Center Office Space In Torrance or Office Space In Los Angeles
Contact Person : Rowena Pascual
Mail [email protected]
Phone - (310) 320 4000
Website - http://www.torranceofficecenter.com